Youth Employ and Development Initiative is an initiative focused on raising young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We have a vision to help students/youths become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by enlightening and empowering them through seminars, training, workshops and access to networks.

Our approach is a two-prong fork; one is to provide young people (undergraduates) with the requisite skills to compete effectively in the corporate space and also imbibe the corporate culture, on the other hand we train those with a zest for entrepreneurship with the required skill, training and access to network to set up and run their businesses sustainably.

Nigeria at large deserve to be amongst the committee of first world nations. Unfortunately, with all our mineral resources and growing young population, we are still classified as a third world country and also as the world poorest country. With this, it is indeed very obvious that, “increased capacity and entrepreneurship” is a critical personal development and national development factor seeing there are no available jobs to cater for the ever increasing population of the country or better put, there are few employable youths because Nigeria educational system does not bridge the gap between what is taught/ obtainable in school and what is required in the employment market. Youth unemployment in Nigeria is reaching a critical peak

Youth employ and development initiative plays a pivotal role to utilize education and empowerment as a linkage between education and the job market aimed at offering young people new entry points to the job market and also encouraging entrepreneurial mindset there by becoming solution- oriented and ultimately relevance in the society.