Youth Employ Campus Representative Programme 2019 for Students Of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Applications for the 2019 Youth Employ Campus Representative program are now being accepted

Youth Employ and Development Initiative(YEDI) is an initiative focused on raising young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We have a vision to help students/youths become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by enlightening and empowering them through seminars, training, workshops and access to networks.
Our approach is a two-prong fork; one is to provide young people (undergraduates) with the requisite skills to compete effectively in the corporate space and also imbibe the corporate culture, on the other hand we train those with a zest for entrepreneurship with the required skill, training and access to network to set up and run their businesses sustainably.

The 86.9 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty represents nearly 50% of its estimated 180 million populations, and youth makes up for 2/3 of the population of which 1 out of every 3 youths are unemployed. Youth unemployment is not solely because of the absence of job but due to the education system which is not fully functional to meet market’s needs
Youth employ and development initiative plays a pivotal role to utilize education and empowerment as a linkage between education and the job market aimed at offering young people new entry points to the job market and also encouraging entrepreneurial mindset.

Campus Representative Program

Youth Employ Development Initiative Campus Ambassador Program (YEDI-CRP) is an elite position that will awarded to 5 students in each campus across Nigeria, who will actively engage, enlighten and educate other youths in and around their campus on the importance of entrepreneurship, youth development and personal development as well as correct the mindset of just a regular degree been sufficient in getting entry into the job market.

This is an exciting opportunity for youths interested in personal development, capacity building, entrepreneurship, youth development and digital engagement to join in, let’s birth big and audacious dreams together!!

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for youths who are;
• Social media savvy
• Passionate about capacity building and nation building
• Influential on campus
• Interested in entrepreneurship/Intraprenuership

What will you be doing?
• Your role will be to enlighten student within your network and on your campus about the initiative

• Promote Youth Employ and Development Initiative in and around your campus and social media

• Represent the initiative on campus

• Help the initiative in organizing programs on campus

• Achieve target set by Youth Employ and Development Initiative.

• In all, Rep the Initiative actively on campus


• Training: Based on youth representatives interest training will be provided by experts.

• Skill Development: Working in live projects will help in developing new set of skills and get exposed to multiple roles.

• Bonus: A new bonus for our best rep program every week/bi-weekly-monthly.

• Building leadership and organizational skills

• Certificate on any completed training

• A powerful network of youths all over the country


• Be a student of any tertiary institution in Nigeria

• Have a desire to contribute towards nation building

• Have a zest for entrepreneurship

• Candidate should have social accounts and knowledge on social promotions as added advantage.
• 400L students are not eligible

Interested individual should complete the application form online. Need to fill the details and submit the application. The eligible candidate will be selected.

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