Our mission is to break the cycle of local poverty by EDUCATING the next generation of young entrepreneurial leaders. Our programs help youth identify their own natural gifts and talents and then teaching them how to monetize these skills and use them to start a small business. We guide youths to develop the personal qualities that predict future professional success.



Our program goal are as much about ENLIGHTENMENT, as it is about entrepreneurship education.
Our ultimate goal for each individual is that he or she is self-sufficient and has a career, not just a job.                                                                                                                                                                      We focus on improving 21 century workforce skills: leadership ,development, resilience, entrepreneurship, teamwork & professionalism.


We demonstrate our commitment towards capacity-building and empowerment of youths by organizing free skill acquisition programs.
Our highly engaging, impactful and exciting practical training's in sewing, bead-making, baking, graphics design, barbing, photography, ankara bags and shoe making...etc. These skills are facilitated by experts. This is aimed at effectively engaging and nurturing the young ones with requisite skills to enable them grow successfully.